Some epic battles never end, but are fought over and over, so that only the strongest remains victorious
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Champions of the Battle of Brooklyn

Battle of Brooklyn IV CLASH OF THE CLANS 05-06-2006
Special Edition of the Battle of Brooklyn

Sambo vs. BJJ
Team BJJ - Team Captain Justin Garcia
Fighters James Baxter, Nolan Dutcher, Mikell Bursky, Chino De La Pena, Mike Wacker

San Da vs. Muay Thai
Team San Da - Team Captain Marvin Perry
Fighters Will Preap, Stephen Holness, Steve Vitti, Sonia Mejia, Tara Hightower Gully

Battle of Brooklyn III 02-04-2006
Super Middleweight San Da Novice Tournament Champion
Andrew Montanez/American Freestyle

84kg Freestyle Sambo Elite Tournament Champion
Khassan Baiev/Tokohu Dojo

Super Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Novice Tournament Champion
Ben Case/Sit Dragon Leg Muay Thai

Super Middleweight Muay Thai Novice Tournament Champion
Mike Dunn/Fire Dragon School of Fighting Arts

Battle of Brooklyn II 10-02-2005
USKBA Super Middleweight United States Muay Thai Champion
Dimitry Shirganov/Borodin's Muay Thai

Battle of Brooklyn Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion
Yuriy Poshokov/Borodin's Muay Thai

Battle of Brooklyn I 04-30-2005
San Da Champion
Maximillion Chen/William C.C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Freestyle SamboTM Elite Tournament Champion
Erik Uresk/Brooklyn Wrestling Club

If not for you, the fighter, there would be no Battle.
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